FABLE: Fast Approximate Quantum Circuits for Block-Encodings

Fast synthesis of quantum circuits for approximate block-encodings.

Exploring Finite Temperature Properties of Materials with Quantum Computers

This paper introduces a two-step protocol to prepare thermal pure quantum states on a quantum computer.

Quantum pixel representations and compression for N-dimensional images

We introduce a uniform framework for quantum pixel representations that encompasses many of the popular image representations proposed in the literature. We propose a novel circuit implementation with an efficient compression algorithm.

Explicit Quantum Circuits for Block Encodings of Certain Sparse Matrices

We provide explicit quantum circuits for the block encoding of certain sparse matrices.

Algebraic Compression of Quantum Circuits for Hamiltonian Evolution

By analyzing the Hamiltonian algebra, we show that Trotter circuits for simulation of free fermions are efficiently compressible. Our method is applied to an adiabatic state preparation experiment.

An Algebraic Quantum Circuit Compression Algorithm for Hamiltonian Simulation

We present a numerical algorithm for compressing quantum circuits related to Hamiltonian simulation.

A multishift, multipole rational QZ method with aggressive early deflation

An extension of the rational QZ method for the solution of the real generalized eigenvalue problems with aggressive early deflation.

Approximate Quantum Circuit Synthesis using Block-Encodings

An approximate quantum circuit synthesis technique that combines circuits for smaller matrices into quantum circuits of larger operators.

On pole-swapping algorithms for the eigenvalue problem

This article studies a convergence theory applicable to all pole-swapping methods. It proposes a backward stable algorithm to compute a pole swap in finite precision.

Quantum Fourier Transform Revisited

An introduction to the quantum Fourier transform from a matrix analysis perspective that provides an alternative derivation of the algorithm.

Chemistry on quantum computers with virtual quantum subspace expansion

This article experimentally verifies the virtual quantum subspace expansion method.

Pole swapping methods for the eigenvalue problem: Rational QR algorithms

PhD thesis on pole swapping algorithms for standard and generalized eigenvalue problems.

A rational QZ method

This article proposes a rational QZ method for the solution of the generalized eigenvalue problem.

Swapping 2 × 2 blocks in the Schur and generalized Schur form

This article proposes numerical algorithms to reorder 2 x 2 blocks in a real Schur form and a generalized real Schur form.

An implicit filter for rational Krylov using core transformations

This article proposes numerical algorithms to filter and restart the rational Krylov sequence method.

Introductie tot de wheel theory

This vulgarizing article reviews the mathematics behind wheels that roll smoothly on an irregular surface.

Block term decomposition for modelling epileptic seizures

Recordings of neural activity, such as EEG, are an inherent mixture of different ongoing brain processes as well as artefacts and are …