Quantum Computing

A Performance Model for Estimating the Cost of Scaling to Practical Quantum Advantage

We present a model to estimate the resources in terms of qubits, runtime, and cost associated with large-scale quantum computations.

Efficient Quantum Counting and Quantum Content-Addressable Memory for DNA similarity

Quantum content-addressable memory through Grover search and quantum counting with parallel uniformly controlled rotation gates.

HamLib: A library of Hamiltonians for benchmarking quantum algorithms and hardware

HamLib is an extensive dataset of qubit Hamiltonians spanning a large range of problem sizes and instances that is designed for testing quantum algorithms, software and hardware.

Estimating Eigenenergies from Quantum Dynamics: A Unified Noise-Resilient Measurement-Driven Approach

In this paper, we introduce a novel measurement-driven approach that finds eigenenergies by collecting real-time measurements and post-processing them using the machinery of dynamic mode decomposition (DMD).

Algebraic Compression of Free Fermionic Quantum Circuits: Particle Creation, Arbitrary Lattices and Controlled Evolution

We extend our circuit compression algorithms to free fermionic systems on arbitrary lattices, incorporate particle creation operations, and allow for controlled evolution.

QCLAB++: Simulating Quantum Circuits on GPUs

We report a series benchmarks conducted in NERSC's Perlmutter system using a GPU adaptation of QCLAB++, a light-weight, fully-templated C++ package for quantum circuit simulations.

Exploring Finite Temperature Properties of Materials with Quantum Computers

This paper introduces a two-step protocol to prepare thermal pure quantum states on a quantum computer.

Quantum-parallel vectorized data encodings and computations on trapped-ions and transmons QPUs

This paper proposes a nested state preparation circuit construction with a high degree of quantum parallelism. We test this circuit to load a variety of data sets stemming from applications and process them directly on a real QPU.

Simulating dirty bosons on a quantum computer

We simulate the physics of dirty bosons in 1D on quantum computer and in 2D on a quantum circuit simulator.

FABLE: Fast Approximate Quantum Circuits for Block-Encodings

Fast synthesis of quantum circuits for approximate block-encodings.